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State Director: Doug Lubking
Featured Gymnast
 One of the big things I’ve had to work on my whole life is how to manage my frustration. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been extremely competitive and I like to win. As a gymnast, the sport is so hard. You don’t learn things right away. It’s not one of those sports where you can jump up on the high bar and learn a new skill in one try. It takes a lot of time and patience. I used to get so frustrated when I couldn’t learn something, I used to throw fits when I was 12, 13 years old. I would cry when I couldn’t do something. I had to learn how to overcome that and be more patient and take my time. Now, I’m a much more disciplined person. I know how to be patient and take my time learning things.   
                                                  ~Jonathan Horton 2012
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Last Updated Aug 9, 2017

2019 Regional Championships April 4-7
2019 Junior Development Region VII Nationals April 27
2019 State Team Championships April 28

State Meet Bid Form - 2020

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State Calendar

9- FS/JE State Testing @ Williamsburg Gymnastics, Williamsburg, VA
30 - FS/JE Regional Testing @ Montgomery County Gymnastics, PA

6-7 - State Meeting/Clinic @ Gym Quest, Richmond VA
27 - Judging Course @ Naval Academy
28 - Judging Course @ William & Mary

4 - Hurricane Invite @ Hurricane Gymnastics, Chesapeake, VA (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FLYER)
8-11 - FS/JE National Testing/JO Men's National Workshop @ Colorado Springs, CO
17-18 - Survivor Invitational @ Apollo Gymnastics, Woodbridge, VA

7 - W&M Intrasquad @ W&M, Williamsburg, VA
8-9 - Astronaut Dave Brown Memorial @ W&M, Williamsburg, VA

4-6 - Jerrell Steele@ TBA, Richmond, VA
19-20 - Navy Challenge @ Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
26 - W&M vs Navy @ W&M

2 - VA State Open @ Williamsburg Gymnastics, Williamsburg,VA (College Varsity, College Club, Level 10 only)
9-10 - Unleash Your Beast @ Aerial East, Mechanicsville, VA
15-17 - Excalibur Cup @ Va. Beach Convention Center, VA Beach, VA

1 - W&M vs Navy @ W&M
8-10 - 2019 Men's Level 5-10, JE & JD State Championships @ U-turn Sports, Richmond, VA
16 - W&M vs Army & Springfield @ W&M
23 - Caribbean Feast @ G-Force, Ashburn, VA
29-30 - USAG Championships @ Naval Academy
30 - Arlington Tigers Tune-Up Invitational (Level 4 & Xcel) 

6 - ECAC Championships
4-7 - Region 7 Championships @ Sportsplex Gymnastics, Landover MD
13-14 - 2019 Men's Level 4 & Xcel State Championships @ Williamsburg Gymnastics, Williamsburg, VA
19-20 - NCAA Men's Gymnastics Championships
28 - State Team Championships/ JD Nationals @ West Point

May 2-4 JO Nationals @ Reno, Nevada

8-9 - FS/JE Clinic #1 @ Gymstrada, VA. Beach, VA

13-14 - FS/JE Clinic #2 @ Aerial East, Mechanicsville, VA

7-8 - FS/JE Testing @ Williamsburg Gymnastics, Williamsburg, VA

5-6 - State Meeting/Clinic

Congratulations to the Virginia gymnasts (and their coaches) at Regional Future Stars Testing!
Thank you to all the gymnasts, coaches and clinicians who attended 
the Virginia Men's Gymnastics State Meeting and Clinic! 
Congratulations to the 2019 Level 5 Virginia State Team!
Congratulations to the 2019 Level 6 Virginia State Team!