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  • State Meet Registration:
  •   ​You are required to register your athletes through the meet reservation system on USAG.  Instructions are located here.  

  • State Meet Protocol:
  •  First of all - everyone on the competition floor (except volunteers) will need to have their USAG credentials up to date.  Click here to check the list and make sure you are on it and that your information is current.  Contact me ASAP if there are errors.

  •  All parents must remain in the spectator area or their child will be eliminated and your team disqualified. 

  • All coaches must wear the appropriate attire. USAG Men’s Rules and Policies states: 
           "The following attire is recommended at all competitions and is required at all sessions of State and Regional Championships, 
             the Junior Olympic National Championships and all U.S. Championship events (Winter Cup, U.S. Qualifier & U.S. 
             Championships). Those coaches who are in violation of the policy will be required to comply or may be asked to leave the 
             competition floor."
                  1. Closed toe shoes, no sandals 
                  2. Slacks, Warm-up pants or hemmed shorts (No Denim or “cargo style”) 
                  3. Collared shirts - Polo type shirts, not t-shirts, even though t-shirts technically have a collar (we have discussed this before) 
                  4. No hats

  •  The judges have control of the meet. There will be NO protests. The only thing that can be questioned is if the child received a bonus (compulsory).  If there is an inquiry, you will need to fill out an inquiry form and submit it to the head judge or meet director before the next rotation (optionals only).

USAG Professional Membership Changes
  • New:  By August of 2013, all coaches at sanctioned events must have a minimum certification level of Instructor certified in the School of Competitive Gymnastics; USA Gymnastics University. (i.e. Instructor, Junior Olympic Development, Junior Olympic Team or National is acceptable).  This can be done by taking online the U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction (Free to members).  Click here for more information. 

  • Are you familiar with Circle Calc?  It is a gymnastics software program developed by John Scanlan to build your optional routines.  It will  maintain, organize, and print your pre-comp forms with accurate and up-to-date start values.  For more, go to  (Note: It sometimes takes a minute to load because the home page has an embedded video of a routine build.)
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Virginia Men's Gymnastics
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  • Individuals applying for Professional Membership must be 18 years of age or older

  • Background check (must complete screening process every 2 years) - additional fee required

  • Please note, if obtaining the Professional membership in order to coach on the floor of USA Gymnastics sanctioned event, member must hold a minimum level of Instructor Certified within USA Gymnastics University. This certification level is achieved by completing the U100: Fundamental Gymnastics Instruction course.

  • All Professional members must abide and be bound by USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy and Code of Ethical Conduct, all safe sport rules, policies and procedures, and all future amendments, promulgated by the U.S. Center for SafeSport, as well as, all applicable criminal codes and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Center for SafeSport and agree that any sanctions imposed by the U.S. Center for SafeSport extend to my participation in any National Governing Body (including USA Gymnastics) events or activities and may be posted publicly and include information regarding the misconduct involved
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State Championship Info
  • Check out the Men's Gymnastics Study Guide by Doug Hills.   Doug has been an FIG Judge since 1980, and has worked tirelessly to improve the judging and teaching of gymnastics through his innovative software projects. His latest version of the Men's Gymnastics Study Guide will keep you entertained and improve your knowledge of the sport from all aspects.  The program contains 1400 skill displays with sequence illustrations, over 550 questions and answers covering the Code of Points, and more than 300 videos of skills that can be played in real time or slow motion. For coaches, suppose you want to find the best 'C' value dismount for one of your gymnasts on Rings. Click the 'Rings' tab. Under 'Select Values' click C's. Under 'Select Element Group' click '5' (dismounts). Click 'Go to Skill Study'. Review the skills by clicking 'Next' until you have found the best choice based on your athlete's preparation. The program also lets you video your gymnast on a skill then play a side by side comparison of that skill next to a world class athlete doing the same skill.
  • ​For meet scoring and online results posting, try:

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