Virginia Men's Gymnastics
The Men’s Junior Olympic (JO) Program is for beginner through elite gymnasts from ages 5 to 18.  It is organized into 3 areas (Basic Skills Achievement Program, Age Group Competition, and Junior National Team Program), with 10 different levels of training and competition.  Boys compete in age groups within each level.  Competition are held at the local, state, regional and national levels through USA Gymnastics sanctioned invitational and championship level meets. 
Basic Skills Achievement Program
Junior Olympic Program Overview
The Junior National Team Program is geared toward that handful of elite junior athletes. The program includes the Junior Development Team selected through the Future Stars Program, the Junior National Team and the Junior Elite Team. The program objectives are to:
     1. Simplify the competitive path for our junior athletes and elevate the importance of successful competition;
     2. Create an educational evaluation system that emphasizes international competitiveness;
     3. Involve the personal coaches in overall program planning and organization as well as individualized athlete planning and;
     4. Educate the coaching community in the basic principals of coaching and the development of the elite athlete.

More information on the Future Stars and Junior Elite programs can be found on the USAG website.  

  • BSAP covers JO Levels 1, 2 and 3.  
  • This is likely known in your gym as beginner prep or pre-team.  
  • This is the entry-level program where gymnasts build strength and flexibility and learn basic skills.  
  • It is designed to help prepare a gymnast from the day he enters the gym until he is ready to participate in the Age Group Competition Program.  
  • The program includes many of the skills they will need for entry-level competitive routines.  
  • Boys at this level do not ordinarily compete in inter-squad gymnastics meets.
Age Group Competition
The Age Group Competition Program covers Levels 4 through 10 and is divided into Compulsory and Optional Levels.

Compulsory Levels
  • Levels 4-6 are known as the Compulsory levels and continue the BSAP's progressions from simple to more complex movements.  
  • Each gymnast competes all six events in competition, and performs predetermined routines with preset start values.  
  • At each progressive level, the skills increase in difficulty, building on the skills attained in the previous level. 
  • Boys must have reached 6 years of age by September 1st of the competition season to compete at Level 4.  See Compulsory Age Group Competition charts below under Scoring for additional age requirements by level.

Optional Levels
  • Level, 7 is an intermediate level and represents the transition to the Optional levels.
  • Level 7 routines require a specified level of difficulty but instead of imposing the FIG combination requirements they require event specific skills. These skills provide logical bridges between the lower and higher level routines. 
  • At Levels, 8, 9 and 10, gymnasts are required to fulfill most FIG requirements for skill groups and combinations.  See additional requirements under Scoring below.
  • All Level 8 and 9 gymnasts can compete at the Regional level.  Some age groups within these levels also have the opportunity to qualify for National competition.  See Age Group Competition charts below under Scoring for age requirements by level.
Junior National Team Program